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Choose one, or combine several treatments for a truly delightful experience!


Relaxation Massage


Refresh yourself.  Alleviate stress and built up tension with this relaxing full body massage, using a combination of Swedish based techniques and deep penetrating lotions. Customize your massage and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy by choosing one of our unique essential oil blends.

90 minute relaxation massage $95


Jin Shin Accupressure


Maintain health and restore inner balance with this light touch acupressure based in an ancient Japanese tradition. Jin Shin is the gentle art of balancing and opening acupressure points; harmonizing and restoring energy flow to reduce stress reactions and health disharmonies. Deeply relaxing and restorative. Wear loose clothing.


Deep Tissue Myofascial Release


Payment at time of treatment (or applicable insurance rate)

Release chronic pain, rehabilitate soft tissue injuries, improve impeded range of motion. This treatment focuses on a specific area of need, using deeper pressure, movement and stretching to reeducate and realign the muscle tissues. Some insurance payment is accepted for this treatment with appropriate referrals.

90 minute Deep Tissue Myofascial release  $125


Herbal body Wrap


 This soothing treatment begins with dry brushing to stimulate circulation and gently exfoliate the skin.

A seaweed and herb based gel is applied.

You are then wrapped in warm herb and essential oil infused towels with your choice of gentle de-tox or revitalizing blend. This treatment includes head, hand, and foot massage, Jin Shin, or guided relaxation.


Add on services 

(May be added to any massage session)


Herbal foot wrap  $20

Chose from our revitalizing or detoxifying blend

Body Brushing  $5

Stimulates circulation, lymphatic drainage and immune system, gently exfoliates.



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